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Our Story

Butter Beginnings

Butter & Crumble began as a passion project during culinary school when I started baking cakes for friends and family from my tiny apartment kitchen. I starting making so many cakes I was going broke purchasing ingredients so I started charging just to cover the cost. As I continued to develop my style of balanced, textured, and playful cakes word began to spread. When the pandemic hit, I got the opportunity to use empty restaurant space for my cakes just to keep myself busy. Before I knew it, I was quitting my job and going all in on buttercream. 

The Grind

Over the course of the next few years I popped around a few commercial kitchens inside bars and restaurants. Shared spaces provided the perfect way to expand to meet the growing demand organically and thoughtfully, while providing struggling pandemic businesses with an extra revenue stream. I fought past red tape and helped change the law to support what I was doing, I hired assistants, got into grocery stores, designed websites, purchased big mixers and freezers and built my business backwards all while elbow deep in butter.

Parisian Summer

After almost three years in the ring, I decided to turn off my ovens for a bit to chase my dream of mastering laminated pastry. I spent two months in pastry school in Paris, followed by a viennoiserie internship at a bakery called Boulangerie Baptist, all while traveling to every corner of the city to try all of the pastries I possibly could get my hands on - for research, of course. The lamination games had begun and I loved every second of it. 

The "Sweet Easy"

I bought a laminator while boarding my flight home and was ready to hit the ground running. We built out a fully B&C dedicated bakery space in the back of a Marina popup bar, calling it our "Sweet Easy" - a hidden treat haven beloved by those in the know. My assistant, Nicki Volante quickly became a fellow lamination nerd and my right hand gal, and we started leveling up our pastry game together. Our lines just keep getting straighter and our pastries keep getting better, and I can't wait to see where they take us.  

What's Next

We are currently a two-woman team with some extra occasional hands running cake preorders, wholesale orders, pastry popups, classes, and more. As our Marina "Sweet Easy" bakery gets busier and busier, we are starting to look for a permanent home for Butter & Crumble. We dream of being your neighborhood pick-me-up spot and opening a storefront to sling out pastries daily, offer last minute cakes, run bigger classes, and keep the treats coming! Keep your eyes and ears open for us. 

Contribute to Butter & Crumble

I am slowly but surely investing in expansion and larger-scale equipment as we make headway to becoming a more permanent space, and a little more downtime for me and my assistant! If you are passionate about butter like we are, we could really use your help to keep baking for you all.

Contact Us


3318 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94123

(415) 562 4683

Business Hours:

Tuesday – Friday: 8 am to 5 pm
Saturday & Sunday: 8 am to 1 pm 

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